”There is something POWERFUL about gathering a group of women and being VULNERABLE together, opening up and sharing our stories. It's HEALING, it's cathartic, and it reminds us that we're NOT ALONE”

— Brené Brown 

My favorite ways to work together

All my work is centered around community, embodiment, reflection and celebration to generate belonging


Retreats, workshops, virtual and in-person sisterhood picnics and international soulful service journeys to Guatemala!


Free community celebration calls to encourage women to take up space and reclaim bragging as a form of activism!


Private 1:1 coaching sharing embodiment practices and tools to generate belonging wherever you go!

I'm leaving circle knowing there are safe spaces for vulnerability with “strangers” and that vulnerability doesn’t always have to be the big, scary thing my mind thinks it is.”

— Charlotte (Circle Participant Testimonial)

Upcoming Opportunities

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Have you celebrated yourself today

Seriously pause, take a breathe in and celebrate the amazing human you already are, on your exhale!